2nd vera lite 40metres from house


Looking at controlling my gates via vera and there 40m away from house. I can install network router so vera can connect to internet.

Just wanted to know if this is possible or been done?


I think you’ll find that @Cor has experience of exactly that.

See, for example: [url=http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,12672.msg93080.html#msg93080]http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,12672.msg93080.html#msg93080[/url]

Did you try searching the forum?

I have but don’t always get the search results that sounds out

Thank you for link will take a look

The forum search is a bit limited. Many people use Google to search the forum instead. Just specify site:forum.micasaverde.com before your search terms.

That’s exactly what I have … gate is about 100 meters away from my house , too far for the routing option between devices.

My main controller is a vera 3, from a switch in my house goes a CAT5 cable underground to my gate, there is another switch connected to a vera lite and some ip camera’s.
Vera lite is configured as a slave and just have a fibaro relais (2x1,5kw) on, wallplug for light , and a universal sensor (to detect if the gate is closed or open + temperature.)

This works perfect. ( although there is quite some delay for the universal sensor to detect if the gate is open or closed , I needed a trigger on another device for my notification)

Opening and closing the gate when I am outside is with my cellphone on 3G network, The next project is to add some Acces Points outside for wifi, since the 3G network where I live is crap.

I thought there was a whole topic spend on this , but I can’t find it, it’s not the link Akboer gave, there should be more.
Anyway , it works fine, just make sure your seconday vera has a fix Ip adress , I had some issues with that initially (also a fix adress configured on your router! when vera is booting up it somehow gets first another IP adress before the config of the fix Ip adress of the vera kicks in).