2gig CT100 thermostat

I have the 2gig CT100 thermostat it shows a LINK however the VERA3 is not able to register the device I have try several times to sync them but no luck any ideas as to what is happening

What firmware on the Vera are you running? I was able to get it included on the second try. The first attempt ended up in some weirdness (don’t remember what), but it worked fine on the second pairing.

Got here is for every one to know
In order to pair a CT100 that is currently showing the LINK on the screen you need to clear it out. This can be done using ANY zwave controller. All you have to do is put the zwave controller in its ?EXCLUDE? or ?REMOVE? mode and then at the thermostat press MENU and then press MATE two times. This will send a signal from the zwave controller to the CT100 telling it to reset itself and then it can be learned in. This is a common question and trick to keep in mind with zwave. You can remove any zwave device using ANY zwave controllers exclude or remove mode and sending the mate signal from the zwave device.