220/240v A/C switch

Hey I have a condo in Jamaica built in the 90’s all concrete. Each A/C unit has a home-run cable to the circuit panel with 2 hots and a ground. Next to the units is a gang box with 2pole disconnect switch. I would like that to be zwave. The gang box it very shallow and no neutral wire. Any ideas?

Well I found the answer is to use a DPST Relay with the correct amperage needed. And to remove the old gang box and put in a lager one to fit a relay and micro zwave switch. This could work with a hot water heater or baseboard with a 24v ac coil on the relay.

A micro switch requires neutral… Actually all non battery powered (which are not switches) that are not dimmers require a neutral.

240 in a small single gang box also a problem.

So I don’t know of anything that fits your requirements.

With that said I a intermatic ca3750 for large heavy 220v Electrical loads.

i would use a 220 Easy light zwave switch … connect a large Relais to it which replaces your Switch in the breaker box … all done.

1000Ampere … no problem :wink: