2 wire smoke detector on PGM2


Is there any way of integrating the 2 wire smoke on PGM2 into vera via this plugin? Unlike a 4 wire smoke there is no connection to a zone, so I am not seeing a way of doing this?

If not possible to include as a device, does the plugin present a different status for a fire alarm from the panel? If so that would be fine as I just want to ensure I can notify myself differently to a burglar alarm.


I believe this is possible with the use of a relay and an unused zone input and PGM output, so it will cost $10-$15 to make it happen if you don’t have a relay handy. I have a DSC panel but use Elk relays in my system because they have terminal inputs instead of pigtail leads. They are also cheaper.

What you would have to do is program the unused PGM output to trip when it sees a fire alarm. The zone attribute can be programmed as [26],‘24-hour non-alarm’, as the panel already knows that there is a fire alarm on the PGM and this zone attribute essentially does nothing.

Wire the power side of the relay with the - to the PGM you plan to use and + the AUX+ terminal, then wire the zone to the NC side of the relay. If you are using EOL’s, you should put one across the C and NC terminals of the relay. When the smoke detector goes off, the PGM will energize, opening the relay and tripping the zone. Program the Vera to see that zone as a fire zone, and you are set.

So programming would look like this:

To program the PGM:

*8, installers code, then either:
[009] for PGM 1 or 2
[010] for PGM 3 and 4 on a 1864 or 4-10 on a 5208
[011] for PGM 11-14 on a 5204 (a 5204 automatically takes these PGM zone numbers, even without a 5208)
push the > key to scroll to the PGM you wish to use, you will have to know which one you are going to for the next step, then enter [31] as the PGM attribute.
press # after that is programmed to go back to the main installer menu, then enter [5xx], with xx corresponding to the PGM number you just assigned.
Toggle ON option 1 to trip when a fire alarm is active and option 8 to stay active as long as the alarm is active. All others should be toggled OFF
Press # to go back to the installer’s main.

To program the zone:

While still in the installer’s main menu, enter either:
[001] to program a zone from 1-16
[002] to program a zone from 17-32
[003] to program a zone from 33-48
[004] to program a zone from 49-64
To assign the zone, push the > button until you find your empty zone, shown as [00], and enter [26] for 24 hr. non-alarm.
Press ## to exit programming

In your Vera, add that zone into your main page as a smoke zone.

That should do the trick.

This is exactly what I have been trying to do. Please excuse me as I am a complete Alarm System newb. I bought my house with the alarm system already installed and programmed. I have read through the installation manual and adjusted some things. I now have decent feel for things but still some confusion. I have a sries of 2 wire Smoke/Heat detectors wired into PGM1. The Alarm system is a 1555MX which is supports 8 zones. I want to be able to plug the smoke detector into an unused zone but here is where I get confused. The Alarm system has a wireless module installed. All of my door/window sensors on zones, 1-4 and 7 are wireless. On the DSC Main Board there are 6 hard wired zones. zones 5 and 6 have wires running into them as these go to hard wired motion sensors.

My first area of confusion is since this system supposedly supports 8 zone why are there only 6 hard wired zones? I currently have nothing on zone 8 but since there is no hard wires zone 8 I cannot use it for t his unless I am misunderstanding the zones. Hard wire zones 1-4 are empty but wireless devices have been assigned those zones. Would I somehow be able ot use one of those zones for the Smoke/Heat detectors as you described even though there is a wirless zone with the same number?

I know this thread is pretty old right now but I figured since you knew exactly what I wanted to do I would try replying to it. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

OK, so I pulled up the 1555 programming sheet as I have not got a lot of experience with this legacy panel. As with every DSC panel, it is programmed very much the same way.

The method that I described in the previous post about using the unused PGM to run a relay, then feeding the relay back into a zone will work in this instance as well, but you will need to do some rearranging on your panel to make this work.

You will not be able to use one of the wired zone inputs to feed back the relay output into unless it is an unused zone. You mentioned that these zones are being used as wireless zones, so they are already occupied. What I would do is reprogram one of the wireless zones as zone 7 or 8 to free up a wired zone on the panel. That way, you have a zone to use with the fire alarm output.

Thanks so much for the quick response. I had a feeling that would be the resolution. Now I need to figure out how to program the wireless zones. I have not gotten that far yet. I thought I read somewhere that these panels are expandable to 32 zones when using wireless. I hope so because I wouuld like to add more wirelss zones if possible.

Thanks again.

AFAIK, these panels are expandable to 32 zones with wireless. I have been looking thru the manual and it appears that the method I mentioned earlier would have to be modified to work correctly on your panel. Give me a bit and I should be able to tell you how to do it on your panel, as well as explain how to move a wireless zone from one slot to another.

Also, if you plan on installing more wired zones, I would move all the wireless zones to a zone number above 8, freeing up the unused onboard zones. Also note that you may have a zone input on your keypad.

REVISED June 29, 2015

For the purpose of the instructions, I am assuming that you are going to move the Zone 1 wireless device to Zone 8 so all programming references are in relation to those 2 zones.

The first thing you need to do is get the zone type and zone attribute information from Zone 1 and transfer it to Zone 8. You will also need to know the ESN of the device assigned to that zone. To do this you need to do the following:

On the keypad enter:
*8, [Installers code] (5555 is default), [001].
This puts you in zone programming mode and automatically in zone 1.

This section will differ slightly depending on what keypad is installed with your system I will try and cover them all.

If you have an LCD5500Z keypad, on the screen you should see [01] or [03] if it is a door or window sensor (it might be something else, but probably not). This is the zone type for Zone 1. Write down or remember this number. When you hit the ‘>’ key on the keypad, the cursor will move from the digit on the left to the digit on the right. When you hit ‘>’ again, it will go to the first digit of the zone type for Zone 2. As you continue to hit ‘>’, it will continue to scroll thru all the zones. After you hit it 14 times (keep track as this will tell you what zone you are on when you see the first unused zone), you should be on Zone 8 and see [00]. Now enter the 2 digit number that was in Zone 1 into this zone.

If you have any other keypad, you will not have the arrow buttons to scroll thru the zones. With keypads without a display , you will have to know what zone types you have for each active zone leading up to the zone you want to program, and enter them in sequentially until you reach the zone you are programming. The Zone LED’s will let you know what values are in the slot you are currently in. There table is attached below. The LCD5501Z should display the zone types on the screen as you go thru them, so just overwrite the values displayed with the same values until you get to [00] and enter in the value from zone 1.

#, [101] will display the zone attributes for Zone 1 and will probably look like 1234-678- for zone type 01 or 03. Again, record this.
#, [108] will display the zone attributes for Zone 8 and ‘should’ look the same, except 8 will likely show as a -. To toggle the value, enter the corresponding key on the keypad, in this case ‘8’. Make sure it appears the same as the Zone 1 did.

At this point we have copied all the zone info into Zone 8 from Zone 1. We have also recorded all the information from Zone 1 manually and duplicated it on Zone 8. At this point, we can change the information associated to Zone 1 with what we want it to be to work as a smoke/fire zone. If things go awry, we have all the information recorded.

#,[001],[26] will assign zone 1 to zone type 26
#,[101] should display zone 1 attributes and we want to have it display as: ----5----

Now we need to move the wireless ESN from Zone 1 to Zone 8

#, [804], [01] SHOULD display the ESN of the device on Zone 1 if you have an LCD keypad. If it does not you will need to go to the device and record the ESN of the particular device assigned to that zone. It should be a 5 digit number or 5 digit alpa-numeric value. Now overwrite this with [00000]
You should now see [–] so enter [08] for zone 8, then the 5 digit ESN from Zone 1. If your ESN is alpha-numeric, when you want to enter a letter, press [] to enter HEX programming, then the number on the keypad that corresponds to the letter (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E, 6=F), then [] again to get back to numeric entry. Each time you need to enter a letter, follow these steps.

should put you back in the installers menu and Zone 1 should now be moved over to Zone 8 and Zone 1 is set up how we need it for the 2-wire smokes to come into Zone 1.

To program PGM-1:

From the installers menu:
[009],[10] will program PGM-1 as a ‘system event’ output which will trigger on a specified event occurring, in this case, a smoke detector triggering.
#,[501] will get you into PGM attributes, which you want to show as -2-----

Assuming that the zone you have added is not active, you will need to activate it.
#,[202] will display all active zones, if zone 8 is not showing as active, press [8] to activate
#,# should put you back on the main screen.


Wire the relay as described in the previous example and it should work as you require.

You may have zone labels programmed in your panel, in which case will need to be changed. That is done thru the installers menu as well:
*8, [Installers code] (5555 is default), *, then [01] for zone 1 and [08] for zone 8

Hope this helps!

WOW, Thanks. That was extremely comprehensive. I am going to need to buy a relay before I try this but based on my understnading of how the programming works this seems like it shoudl be dead on. I will report my results.

Please let me know if I missed anything so I can edit the post to reflect reality.


So even though I don’t have a relay I decided I could get this mostly setup. I decided to move zone 1 to zone 9 for starters. I followed your instructions for doing that part of the process but ran into a few snags which I was able to figure out.

This may be due to the type of keypad I have. I was not able to use arrow keys. When entering *8 [Installers Code] 001 you automatically enter zone 1 as you noted. You have to enter the type for each zone until you get to the zone you want to change. You need to know what they were set so that they stay the same. So in my case since I for now wanted to blank out zpne 1 all I needed to do was enter 00 at zone one ane then # to back out and save the setting. If I was changing zone 5 then I would have had to enter 01 4 times since the first 4 zones are all door sensors. Then when I got to 5 enter the zone type and then #. I then backed out to the main programming menu and entered 002 to access zones 09-16. Again luckinly I was changing th efirst zone and just ahd to enter 01 #.

I then needed to delete the ESN from zone 1 and add it to zone 9. Again this is probably keypad specific but I was not able to see the ESN on the keypad. So I just 00000 it out and got the ESN off the sensor itself. When inputting this into zone 9 you need to use a hex entry method. Wasn’t to dificult to figure out.

This should have successfully moved the door sensor from zone 1 to zone 9 but it wasn’t working. I redid things a few times and double checked my HEX commands but still no luck. I read throught the manual and found programming section 202 where you can enable or disable zones. 202 is actually for zone 01-08 so I actually enetered 203 which is 09-16. The active zones in this block will be listed on the screen which of course was none since I was only previously using 7 zones. I pressed 1 to enable zone 9 and bang the sensor started reporting.

So now I now exactly how to go about adding addition wireless devices which I do want to do. Mainly I need some glass break sensors in my house as the original system didn’t have any.

So thanks again for all your help. Once I get a relay I will install the smoke zone on zone 1 and report my results.

Enabling zones…yeah that’s important. By default the first 8 are usually enabled, but a decent installer would always disable them if they weren’t being used so a crucial step

I also assumed you had a keypad with a display but it sounds like you don’t have that.

Glad you got it figured out!


I revised the instructions I posted previously to include different keypads such as yours. I was hoping you could check it out to see if I missed anything.

Also, after reading your post, I am wondering if your keypad supports more than 8 zones. Something you may want to check into.


Look pretty good except one thing. When activating the zone you may want to note that #202 is only for zones 1-8. #203 is for zones 9-16 and so on.

What do you mean by not supporting more than 8 zones? I was able to program zone 9 just fine. When I open the door it tell me that zone 9 is opened. You may be thinking of the keypads that have 8 numbers at the top that light up. My Keypad has a screen it just doesn’t supply as much info as some other keypads.