2-way dimmer with Fib question

I’ve set up my 2-way lighting as Fig 2 here: http://www.vesternet.com/resources/application-notes/apnt-2#.U1z1sl7zRMQ

It’s all working great with an FGD211 Dimmer. The lights go on and off on with the switches and via Vera.

My home is always being criticised as needing a phone to control it, although everything is local control too, but this latest addition hasn’t helped.
I have a scene to dim to 1% for overnight as a night light for the kids. Local switch control then only turns the lights on and off at 1%. Is there a way to make the local switches go on and off at 100% only? Or can i just replace a switch with a dimmer knob to have dimming control without Vera access?

Thank you


The FGD is set by default so that when you turn it On, it goes to the previous dim level. So in your case it will go to 1%.

You can use the double click function (parameter 15) - double clicking the switch will make the light go to 100%.

You’ve not mentioned what type of light switch you’re using with it - is it a toggle or momentary?

You can’t use the FGD with a dimmer switch as this creates a conflict as you’d have a dimmer trying to control a dimmer.

But the toggle and especially the momentary switch will give you all the options to make it work how you want. More information about switches and using them with FGD is in http://www.vesternet.com/resources/application-notes/apnt-11

Another way could be to have a VERA scene that detects when the dimmer is turned on and can then ramp it to 100% and back down later, but the double click will be your easiest solution.

Let me know if you need any help.


I’ve got it linked to toggle, standard on/off switches.

When you say it is set by default it goes to the previous set level, which parameter is it to disable this? that would mean that it will behave how i want.

Thanks for the help.