2 way audio for Hikvision camera support?

Does Imperihome support 2 way audio for Hikvision? I’d like to add a camera at the porch and do intercoms.

Haven’t tried it with my hikvisions , but other 2 way audio cameras were not OK . Blue iris lags to much for that and quality is not good enough.

Here on this forum there are some threads for people wanting 2-way communication with a gate/porch/ door.
Skype: with autoanswer , doesn’t work ( this was my best hope).

One last thing still on my todo list is an ap called “Intercom for Android” , I think some people here had succes with that.


I like imperihome is that i can have it switch screens based on events and go back to a default screen. Can it be done with 3rd party android apps? Its especially useful when u have a few wall mounted tablets.

Having a motion trigger on the camera and automatically switch screens and active intercom even before the visitor arrive to the door would be cool