2 identical VeraPlus, different behavior (Zigbee)

2 almost identical VeraPlus. Only difference - one with EU ZWave frequency, one with RU.
2 idendical Xiaomi Aqara door sensors. (lumi.sensor_magnet.aq2)
Door sensor installed, one - works for half year with no problem

Second - stop responding after 3-4 hours.
Paired with second VeraPlus - works well about 3 month
Paired with first VeraPlus - 3-4 hour and “Can’t detect device”, CommFailure variable set to “1”
Situation repeated one to one.

Ok, test Zigbee module of first VeraPlus:
Pair Aqara Smart Plug with first VeraPlus. It… It works wery well for a long time.
Pair with second VeraPlus - works wery well for a long time.

Possible reason is:
Door sensor - battery-powered. Not pollable
Outlet - AC powered, polling allowed.
But no settings to check or correct.

Any ideas?


The Vera Plus that is reporting the sensor as disconnected might have a ZigBee channel that could be interfering with your Wi-Fi channel, this information can be checked through Settings → ZigBee Settings. (You can compare the ZigBee channel from both controllers)

We have also created a Zendesk ticket, please remain attentive to your email.

You were lucky to get them paired to Vera in the first place.

I’ve been trying to pair an Xiaomi Aqara Temp / Humidity sensor to my Vera Plus and it no longer works or pairs at all.

Regarding the “Can’t Detect Device” red banner annoyance.

On the problem door contact device try setting Automatically Configure to NO and Polling to 0.

Change CommFailure variable back to 0 and see if the red banner message comes back ?

Also take a look at this thread here where some time ago we were talking about these Xiaomi Aqara devices and Vera. You can find some tips and tricks.

In fact I tried pairing that same Xiaomi Aqara Temp / Humidity sensor to an Ezlo Plus and it didn’t pair with that hub either. So maybe I have a faulty device?

Although Ezlo have not officially confirmed Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee devices will work with their Ezlo hubs to my knowledge and Zigbee devices never worked well with Vera hubs.

[quote=“Leonardo_Soto, post:2, topic:217054”]
ZigBee channel that could be interfering with your Wi-Fi channel[/quote]
Of course. It’s a Moscow, all 2.4. GHz channels are busy. Very busy. Very-very.
But second Vera - im middle of the wood.

But Aqara Outlet (AC-powered) not affected. (ZB 3.0 device). After changing of XML and JSON - works well, like a native with all Vera’s

[quote=“cw-kid, post:3, topic:217054”]
Polling to 0. [/quote] Is set to 0

Door sensors can’t work normally out-of-box.
Pair, change device XML and JSON, set class and subclass. Put handlers of battery level and trip to LUA startup…

On a Vera hub yes, you have to jump through all those hoops and barriers you mentioned.

But what about on the Ezlo hubs? is what I was wondering.

Sorry, i don’t know anything about new hub’s yet.

Thank you.

because of the zigbee stack version