2 Aeon HEM G1 Combines Energy

Hi everyone,
Our house have 2 electric panels, Main and Sub panels. each one is 2x120V.
so I bought 2x Aeoen HEM G1 and installed them to each panel.

with the instruction from this link:

I able to get the HEM work very well with my Vera.

My question is: how do I create a “Virtual Device” to get the Total energy report in WATT AND KWH from 2 main HEM ?
I attach my screenshot.

Please help me. I really appreciate.


Hello huuviet,

You may try to see if Datamine 2 will help.


@huuviet I know this thread is old now, but I have the same situation (2 panels with each being 2x120V with two Aeon Energy Meters (DSB09104-ZWUS). I’m interested to know what you ended up doing.

I really like the Vera UI7 dashboard for energy monitoring, but I can only select one of the two monitors as accounting for the whole house.

To clarify - I’ve called my energy meters “Lt” for the Left electric panel and “Rt” for the Right electric panel. The energy meters also have an A and B side for each electric phase being measured.

how did you get your DSB09104 to display in the energy section of the vera in the first place?

I have DSB09104 Gen 1. Somehow I screwed up some of the variable values and I can’t get 103 to go back to the 4 byte hex value of 1B00 or 6912 in the current value. It also won’t add the second child meter monitor for the second clamp now when it did the first time I installed it. And it keep saying device failed to configure. right now 101 is 4 byte dec 12, 103 is 4 byte hex 1B00 but it displays 2304 as current value?? 111 is 4 byte dec 30 and 113 is 4 byte dec 30. Does anyone have a list of all of these parameters and what they mean??? Is there a way to reset this Gen 1 to the default factory settings?? THanks Jeff

Here’s an old Gen1 manual off the Aeotec site I grabbed about 8 years ago:

I sometimes find I have to keep changing a given parameter a few times before it’ll finally “take”. Make your change, save it and then give it an hour or two and see if the change is made. If not, repeat. I find it often best to only make changes to one parameter as a time and keep at it until it takes.

Also, go through the other parameters and make sure they all are good.

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