-15 Degrees and Thermostats, Temperatures Sensors STUCK...

Today is the coldest day in the last 5 years in NH where my vacation house is located. And TODAY, of all days, Vera2 decides that she’s too cold to properly report my 3 thermostats (one Trane and 2 WDs) as well as the 3 sensors. The temps are all STUCK where they were yesterday. Even the light level in the 3-in-1 is STUCK on 94% (throughout last night).

Even my IVera can’t read them correctly. It’s something on the remote access side. BTW all the light controls seem to work OK remotely.

I can adjust the setpoints on the Stats but don’t see the proper temperatures. It sure would be good to see the temps in the house today! Yeesh!!

Vera strikes again. What the &*^%!!!

I’ve experienced this, what i described as “vera not listening” mode, where I can operate switches but vera would not report any input from sensors, the only fix for me was to power cycle

Thanks for the input pgrover516. It looks like after a day of being stuck the readings are starting to move again on their own again. Maybe Vera “listened up”!

It just occured to me that I installed a wireless printer through Vera (and had a bunch of trouble doing it >:( )right before I noticed this issue. Hopefully it will be OK now or I will have to power cycle when I get back there over the weekend.