12V vs 24V DC motor roller blind?

12V vs 24V DC motor for a large roller blind?

Width 178cm Drop 146cm.

I am thinking a 24v motor might have more torque but not really sure which voltage to go for?

Not looking for a 240V AC motor.


I use a somfy “tilt and lift 25” 12 V motor for a roman blind width 300 cm height 180cm. It works perfect now for 3 years


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It’s not really to do with voltage (or at least voltage alone…)

It’s fundamentally a function of power, which is voltage x current. So while a 24v motor may generate more torque for a lower current draw, a 12v motor might still generate the same power. Then of course, there’s the gearbox…



I use both 12V and 24V. No big difference in torque. Actually my three 12V motors are faster than my two 24V for some reason driving the same width. Depends probably more about the manufacturer than the voltage …


I had a set of roller blinds on pull chains, and installed motors purchased from China. The biggest blind is about 250cm long and about 120cm wide. My metric was torque, and so I wound up selecting Dooya motors 1.5Nm torque rating. These work just fine. Because of the retrofit, I wound up using USB-rechargeable battery motors. I typically need to recharge about once every 6 months or so.