1 scene,1device,2 schedules?

hello all,

A simple question , but not sure if a scene allows this.

A have a thermostate, for example I want it at 21 degrees C at 7:30 and 15 degrees at 23:00.
For the moment I have set up 2 scenes for that ,a schedule @ 7:30 for 21 degrees and a schedule for 15 degrees at 23:00 , works well , no issues.

When I am not at home ( for work I am always several days away) i need to cancel these scenes. that means 2 scenes to untick the scene.

Can I somehow use 1 scene , I only see a delay I can use, but for a specific time I don’t see how I can set a new temperature.

Options I can try:
-1 scene: start at 7:30 (21 degrees) and than a delay for 15 and a half hours ( set at 15 degrees)
-something with a virtual switch
-Luup code
-PLEG?? but pffff, so difficult , I cannot get the logic in my head :-\

But maybe there is a very easy solution.

PLEG is intimidating … but it’s almost as simple as your written statement of the problem.

In PLEG you would create two timer Schedules.
TempAt730 Monday-Sunday at 7:30 AM
TempAt2300 Monday-Sunday at 23:00

Now some conditions. Which are simple … each only references a schedule.

SetTempMorning TempAt730
SetTempEvening TempAt2300

Add actions to the above two Conditions.
(Sames as specifying commands to run in a Scene, but here we have two conditions, so the equivalent of two scenese)

If this PLEG is only used for this purpose … Bypass the PLEG when you are gone.
If you already have a Virtual Switch to indicate that you are home … then add it as a PLEG input:
HOME Virtual Switch Indicates I am home

Then change the conditions to:
SetTempMorning HOME AND TempAt730
SetTempEvening HOME AND TempAt2300

I was so afraid PLEG is the only sensible solution :wink:

I have PLEG installed and still struggeling with my gate opener ( threat somewhere here as well)… Good idea to use the virtual switch , I can use this as well for my gate issue …

I will give it a try,

I tried to insert it all,Hopefully it works.

I installed a third virtual switch, does it look OK like this ? Is the condition OK , for “Automatic_set_temp AND Temp_on”?

The idea:
When virtual switch = on >> in the morning set temp 20 degrees,in the evening set temp 15 degrees
when virtual switch =off >> do nothing


Looks Good!


With this thread I got my gate ( see the other thread) working . If this PLEG or the heating system works I will now in the morning … will it be freezing in my living room , or a nice temperature? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help,

I should be able to tell tomorrow by the tone of your comments tomorrow :wink:

Hmmmmm cold :-[

It didn’t work. But I just see I made a mistake and switched the morning and evening arround.

Tonight a second try :wink:


It seems to be working fine now :slight_smile:

I just saw the thermostate changing to 15 degrees for the evening :slight_smile:

great !!

Thanks a lot,