1.7.760 vera 3 - odd virtual thermostat behavior

So I had a couple of virtual thermostats that were working well.

You could set the temp on the virtual thermostat, read it with Luup code, and switch the heat on.

Now with the latest update, the temp setting and heat modes don’t seem to work.

That is, you set the temp in the webUI, but the luup the change is not set. For example, I set the temp to 70, and the value reflects the following:
“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:TemperatureSetpoint1_Heat”,“CurrentSetpoint” value = “50”

Anyone else seeing this?

Are you using the Smart Virtual Thermostat plug-in by Antor or something else ? The former looks like it is still working as intended on 1.7.760 for me.

I’m using a Smart Virtual Thermostat plugin by Anthor on V Edge and UI7.
How can I make more than 1 device of it?