1.7.1419 upgrade worth it yet?

Is it safe to upgrade to 1.7.1419 from 1.7.1248 ?
My 25 light swiches (jasco), 13 outlet modules, elk security plugin, and 4 of my 5 Schlage locks are all working together in scenes with terrific luup code I found here. Lock #5 works but can’t find the manufacturer…Sonos plugin working great and newly converted to Microsoft TTS has my house talking again.Looking forward to installing a zwave driveway sensor and door bell sensor plus fool with Google calendar plugin and amazon echo integration.
Leave well enough alone or is it safe to take the upgrade plunge to 1.7.1419 ?

The old saying comes to mind.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That’s what I have been living with. Especially since the debacle of the upgrade before 1419. I dont think the release notes have anything to benifit my upcoming HA plans but I sure would like to loose the firmware update page!
Ever since starting my X10 days I have learned patience when dealing with technology!