1.65 Released

V1.65 just hit the App Store

  • Binary switches and sensor indicators can now have different icons / images for the On and Off states

  • The Z-Wave status indicator can be turned off

  • New formatting options for multi-value controls: centered text, and display the values in a larger font, similar to values shown in sensor controls.

  • New: 1 and 3 seconds camera refresh intervals. These are only valid when connected via LAN; when on MiOS, an interval of 1 or 3 seconds will revert to the minimum for MiOS (10s). A too short interval may cause the connection indicator to go red momentarily.

  • Fixed an issue preventing HomeWave connecting to Vera on LAN in some cases

  • Fixed position of Rose controls on scrolling control panels

  • Fixes issue with title bar obscuring the Close button in the full screen camera view (iOS7)

  • Fixed issue with Dropbox images not being added correctly

Yay! Thank goodness for iOS 7’s auto-update, I now have the newest HomeWave version. Thank you, intveltr! I’d love to see samples of how folks will use the new feature of different images for on and off.

1.65 fixes my camera issue on iPad. :slight_smile:

Being able to disable ZWave status is nice but in future release might be nice to do a global enable-disable rather than editing every single device which is cumbersome.

HomeWave continues to get better with each release!!!

I think I am going to spice up my UI with some graphics instead of colored squares. Anyone know of a good source for some clipart to use for navigation icons? Where do you save them on the iPhone/iPad so they are accessible by the app?

You can put the images on your phone’s Camera Roll through iTunes, or use a Dropbox account

I am still experiencing issues when connecting via LAN. This seems to have started with the recent updates and/or io7 upgrade.

My situation may be unique in that I have more than 1 house with Vera control, and use Homewave solely for the house that is distant (I haven’t figured out how to use Homewave for multiple Vera’s so use another program for the local house- any hints on that would be appreciated).

As to current operation I can be at home and be unable to connect, switch off WiFi on the phone and Homewave connects. Restart WiFi and Homewave does not connect. Strange.

I lost access to dropbox account, some tip for this ? I have many images there, and I can not associate, an empty list appears and no images. the message dlg dropbox error is show today in my iphone with ios6.

ipad 7 no images in the list.

thanks intveltr…

Is there a way to edit the screens on a PC ? As they are uploaded to dropbox, it could be downloaded to a PC and edited ? That would be a very convenient way of editing and adapting to different users
Just a thought

Try unlinking your Dropbox account from HomeWave (using the info screen in the HomeWave app), then link it again. Make sure your images are in the Apps/HomeWave folder of your dropbox account