1.0.985 Problems with lock codes

I tried .985 and while using the Schlage lock there is a new box that give you a choice between forever code or between 2 dates choice. When I tried between 2 dates it kept disappearing and I had to reselect between 2 dates to keep entering the time. It also still shows 2009 as a choice which is annoying.

The other problem is when I tried entering a forever code after the between 2 dates code it would make it between the same 2 dates. I tried it over and over and same result.

The 3rd problem which was always there from the start of the lock firmware but is way worse in this version is that when I would click in the box to enter the code for the lock the cursor would disappear before I could type in a number. It would do this for about a minute over and over until it would stay on the box just long enough to enter the code and hit set. Most of the time I would only get one number in and it would go blank.

I don’t understand why the box had to be added to have a choice between a permanent code and between 2 days in the first place because it worked fine before in .979

What browser are you using?
A lot of devolopers build in Firefox and forget to test in IE.

sorry if this comes off wrong; you gotta be kidding me ???

I am using IE 8. Also when you log in it and hit control it takes you to the download page instead of the dashboard and says you are using .985 and the current version is .979 Oh well I’m back to .979 and .985 must have corrupted the locks because I had to reset them because they would include and exclude but wouldn’t poll or allow me to add new codes.