1.0.488 System Database Corrputed

I just upgraded to firmware version 488 and now I’m getting a System Database Corrupted error.
I cannot click on any buttons on the left side as I get a popup saying to “Please Wait for Data to Load” which never completes.
I’d be happy to reload things from scratch as I’ve added a bunch more ZWave nodes to my home and I can rebuild the entire thing. But I can’t click on the advanced tab to reset the system.

What can I do to really reset everything?

Try to power cycle it

DrZWave. I’m in the office today. Can you go to micasaverde.com, click support, and send an IM? Or contact our main number and choose the option for tech support.

One user with this issue just contacted our tech support. In his case, the problem is only happening with Internet Explorer. Firefox, Chrome and Safari work fine, but IE does not. Our javascript programmer will be in the office tomorrow and we’ll find the problem.

We found and fixed the problem. See the official announcement for .491.

1.0.491 fixed it.
I had to use my itouch to download the update but now IE works as well.