ZWave Routing Mystery: Transmit Failed with Code: 1

It seems one of my modules has stopped responding to ZWave commands. I get the following error: “transmit failed with code: 1”. Now, I’ve tried healing to fix this problem, but it seems to have no effect: The heal report shows the following:

report for HealNetwork. Successful: Y Updated net: N mr_only:0 Job ID: job#13 :heal network (0x9a55d0) P:71 S:5

Can anyone interpret what this means? It seems as if the heal was successful (what does that mean?). But the network was not updated (how does one update the network?).

What is mr_only: 0? Does this refer to Mios Routing?

Either way, the module is till unresponsive. Is there no way to force a Zwave heal and update neighbors? Other than the standard Zwave Repair which seems to do nothing.

have you tried to remove power from the device and power it back up? I have seen all kinds of devices get into a state and not communicate until you do this.