Zwave Plus Door/Window Sensor

Hello. Using a new Vera Plus, I have found unresolved issues with AEON DSB04100-ZWUS door/window sensors.
Does anyone have experience with the new sensor from Dome DMWD1 ???

I have tried the new ECOLINK DWZWAVE2.5-ECO, but it seems that it makes two devices, not just one.

Any other recommendations for a z-wave plus door/window sensor???

Just went thru this with my system. This is what Vera support had me do.

On the Vera Interface go to Devices and click on the arrow next to the parent device (the one that displays the battery level) > go to Advanced and make these configurations:

on device file: D_DoorSensor1.xml
on device json: D_DoorSensor1.json
on category: 4
on subcategory: 1

After you make these changes, click on “New Service” and hit “Reload Engine”.

Then to hide the child device that was created due to the wrong settings you need to go to Apps > Develop apps > Test luup code:

luup.attr_set(“invisible”, “1”, XX) TYPO I had to use luup.attr_set(“invisible”, 1, XX)

In the code above you need to replace XX with the ID of the child device that you want to hide and click ?GO?.
After this you need to reset the Luup Engine by going to Settings > Z-Wave Settings > Advanced and click ?GO? next to Reload Engine.

This worked for me, But use at your own risk!

I had this issue, I called support and they hid the duplicate device via Remote Access. They said it wasn’t removed, just hidden. I’m sure they just added the code described above… or something similar.

Works now!

Thanks Bill Scruggs this has solved my issue with NEO Coolcam Sensors !

looks similar to what I observed with a different sensor.,49335.0.html

I am wondering though, is your parent device untripping itself after 10s like I observed?
I ended up keeping the child device because it was the one working properly. Well I kept both actually but I am automating off of the child device.

Thanks Bill Scruggs this has solved my issue with NEO Coolcam Sensors !

Is there any way to get the configuration file from a generic Zwave door sensor bought from to trouble shoot it? The device connects but shows an on/off button on the controller screen. Should be a simple binary arguement of whether the magnet is close to the sensor or not.

Post #2 reports the correct procedure.

I’m using the Neo door sensor, which shows up as a DMWD1. I only get one device, it has the settings already from post # 2, but I only see armed / disarmed. Can I change this to show opened / closed instead?

I have a couple of working Dome DMWD1 sensors.
The first 3 were DOA or didn’t work once the cover was attached.
The replacements are working well.

it seems to work fine, per sei, but it’s not showing up as opened / closed. I can build a trigger for when this is opened, or closed, but I’d like to just see the status on the main devices page. Any ideas? I’m guessing I may have to change something in the device config for this.

mine show when open and closed. sounds like a refresh issue on the web page