ZWave: No Z-Wave


I am new to Vera and just received my new Vera2. Unfortunately, it appears I am having problems with the zwave interface while setting it up… It shows up as a red cog displaying “ZWave: No Z-Wave”.

I upgraded from 1.0.996 to 1.1.329… and then back… I have also reset to factory settings through the gui and also with the reset button…

I did open up a support case… but thought I would check to see if there is anything that can be done in the meantime…

Any ideas ? Help !


Seems to be a common bug. There is an explanation in the second thread; but you may have to wait for MCV to remote in and fix it!
What firmware version are you using?

I just got my vera today and am having the same problem. If there is a fix available, why wouldn’t MCV just post it rather than having to remote into our devices? Seems inefficient. So far, I would say that my vera experience is less than stellar.

What version are you using?

I am running 1.1.992. I am not sure what was on it when I started. The first thing that the setup script had me do was upgrade the firmware.

I just received my vera2 from ASI Home and was hoping to get my house up and running last night after work. I was all excited during the day to get home and play. When I took the unit out of the box and plugged it in, waited a few minutes before plugging it into my home network. We I get to the web interface and it is reporting that my z-wave dongle is not ready. I did have version 1.0.996 and did an upgrade to 1.1.992. I was hoping this would solve this issue and it did not. I opened up a ticket with Vera to help. I believe this is starting to become a common problem with units being shipped out recently as there are a few others on this forum reporting the same issue and Vera had to update the firmware on the zwave chip. If this is the case, this is very bad. As of right now I am disappointed, only because I can not get my home up and running and have to wait until tech support helps out. I hope when it is up and running that I can be a happy customer.

  • Garrett

It sounds like you have exactly the problem that I had. I recommend giving them a call. After I submitted my ticket and enabled remote access, I called MCV. They had me up and running in hours. I agree that it is very disappointing to receive a product that doesn’t work out of the box, but the tech support was actually very good once I called. I hope that you have similar success.


Thanks for the support. I will call them later in the morning. It is now 09:39 EST here. I believe they are in the west cost. So I’ll give them a call around 11-12. I hope I can get ahold of someone as I would like to get it up and running this weekend. I am really looking forward to playing.

  • Garrett

Well I called support this morning and they got me straightened out. So I am now in the processes of getting my home setup and installed the switches. Looking forward to being part of the community!

  • Garrett

Can you give an outline of what they told you to do?

This might help others, should they run into the same issue.

They did not tell me much. They actually did all the fixing. I wish they were more descriptive of how to fix the issue. They actually had to log into the unit via ssh and issue a few commands. I asked the guy for details and he said that it would void the warranty and support if I did it myself via ssh. The best thing to do is call them. I just hope that they get this issue resolved in future units so this does not have to be done. It is a shame that others have to go through this. On the positive side, it looks to be very worth owning the Vera. Only owning it for a day and having many of my rooms hooked up to vera and more to come, everything is working great. (knock on wood). Still playing with everything and adding many scenes. UI4 is also looking very good. This will definitely help set Vera forward!

  • Garrett