ZWave Failed to Start

Hi All,

Finally took the plunge and upgraded to UI4.

I was prepared to lose all the devices and scenes and start all over again. (and it looks all my devices have indeed gone)

The upgrade appeared to complete fine.

BUT now, when i logon onto my Vera, i get an error message stating ZWave - Failed to start.

The z-wave light doesn’t come on and i can’t seem to access the unit via the MiOS route either.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance

Did you upgrade to Vera firmware .1245 or something else?
Did you update the Z-Wave firmware to 3.20 or did you stay at 2.78?
If you updated to 3.20, did you run the ‘Hack to convert 2.78 to 3.20’?

Hi and thanks for responding.

yes i upgraded to .1245

After that it prometed to update again, which I did…so not sure if that was the 3.20

And i defintaley haven’t run ‘hack to convert’

Just checked and my z-wave is stating 2.78.

Please submit a trouble ticket, activate tech support and send us the access codes to investigate this issue.

Oh crap, happened to me too.
I am on a Vera1 which I upgraded before to wl500gP_Luup_ui4-1.1.1062-1.trx withgout problems.
After that I upgraded to wl500gP_Luup_ui4-1.1.1245-1.trx.
Now I have the ZWave failed to start as well.
I tried disabling options
Unchecked Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78
Unchecked Use MiOS routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)
to no avail.

That’s what I get from finally updating from 1.1.1047 after one year of waiting for the firmware to stabilize!

Downgrading to 1.1.1062 works btw, so there is nothing wrong witch my vera or the usb dongle.

Is there anybody who has a clue?

[quote=“umtauscher, post:6, topic:168695”][…]
Unchecked Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78[/quote]
Did you originally check this option yourself? 3.20 is not compatible with Vera’s with dongles.

No, it was set by default. I had to use the reset to factory option, because the upgrade option failed.