Zwave device memory ?

Hello !

I need understand if the zwave device has a memory to record configuration or if only sends signal.

I wanna take off a device what is installed in a vera3 controller and install in another network with another vera3 controller and I need know if I have to reset the device before this changing.

thanks !

Yes, in order to have the other device work on another zwave network, it must be removed. The device can only be paired to one network at a time.

  • Garrett

Piwtorak, some Z-wave devices have a small number of persistent settings that they retain in nonvolatile memory. You can see them in Device Options > Configuration Settings on a device’s dialog.

If you exclude a device from one Z-Wave network and add it to another, those configuration settings might reset, or they might remain. It really depends on the device.

Perfect !
I understand now !

but one thing more…how is possible I have 2 or more controllers more than vera in my network ?

if the device can be paired one time only ?

thanks !!

The devices can only be included into one primary controller’s Z-Wave network. If you have multiple controllers, then you included those into the primary controller’s Z-Wave network as well, and they all became secondary controllers.

Because all devices were included (‘paired’) with the primary controller, they are able to talk to each other.