Zwave Delay if Vera Offline

Hi to all,
I have 2 Duewi switches , to controll my Fibaro FGS-221
One is directly associated with it (pushing three times the button)
And one is associated through VeraLight.
They both work fine, but if I turn off VeraLight, the second one has an delay of 2 seconds.


  1. is there a way do associate the second Fibaro cannel with out a controller.
  2. is there a way to edit the routtable in VeraLight

Thanks for all helpfull Answers

Is there any reason why you have VeraLite turned off? I can not answer question number 1, but question 2 is a firm no. The only changes you can make to the routing of the z-wave devices are how Vera can communicate to the device. Meaning you can modify the route in which Vera will take to communicate with the device. This will not have any affect on the routing for devices that have direct associations.

  • Garrett



Do you suspect a routing ‘issue’? I think that typically Vera associates herself with a device, if possible. So if you turn Vera off, such a device will not be able to communicate with Vera, which may cause delays (controlling other devices in the same group)?