ZTS-100 Battery Life

Thanks for any feedback.

I’ve installed a zts-100 thermostat (purchased from vera) and am getting awful battery life. With 4 fresh AA batteries, i get about 3.5 days. I’ve tried multiple battery brands. I’ve also tried adjusting the polling from the default 60 seconds to 3 hours. I get the same results. My vera lite can see that and the other devices on the network fine - that is until the thermostat batteries die taking with it the thermostat.


I am also having a problem with the battery life on this thermostat. I tried adjusting some of the more advanced configuration options with no success. Did you ever get resolution on this issue?

I expect you are running in “always listening” mode on battery power. Running on “Frequently Listening Routing Slaves” mode, I find the batteries last 4-6 months (not using line power).
The mode seems to be determined when pairing the device. Paired without batteries the thermostat is in “always listening” mode. It seems to me that typical (in U.S.) 5 wire thermostat wiring cannot power the ZTS-100 and some other zwave thermostats. A 24v neutral (common) wire is needed, which is not part of the standard five wire.

Any resolution to this? I am having the same issue. I have poll settings at 0 to ensure it does not poll and added it to my network on batteries alone. This should register it as a FLiRS and resolve any excessive talking. I have tried multiple configurations and each time I burn through the battery in 3 days.

I just install my zts-110. Not sure of the difference between the 100, and 110, but I included it on batteries and we will see how it goes. I am thinking I could take the fan control wire and use it as a common if I am happy having the fan on auto. I will try to give an update on how the battery life goes. My previous Honeywell electronic stat lasted YEARS on one set of batteries.

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Thanks for the response. I actually contacted Remotec support and they are sending me a brand new 110 to try out because I added the 100 to my system 4 times with batteries and each time it died in 3 days. Good luck.

Well one day did not move the battery off 100% so I am hopeful. I did buy the wire so I could pull a new one with power, but the original is stapled in place make it difficult to do. Did they indicate what the changes are in the 110? If I can get 6 months out of alkaline batteries, I will switch to lithium in the hopes of getting a least a year.

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Well now it has been 6 days and the battery has not moved off 100%. It seems that the battery life will be reasonable.

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A fairly late reply on my end, however I finally got the 110. It has been running for 5 days without moving off 100%. The 110 also has a feature that lets you know when you are in the battery saving communication mode unlike the 100.

Well, my 110 is now sitting at 40% after about one month. Looks like I will be trying to fish a new wire. The old one is stapled in place:(

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Actually it is now changing back and fourth between 40% and 100%!

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Finally decided to pull a new 5-wire cable to get power to the thermostat. My advice is to not buy this unit unless you can get power to it. The electronic one I replaced went for more than 3 years on a set of lithium batteries. I am amazed at how much power the radio is taking on this thermostat!

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I’ve come to the same conclusion and ordered a 24v power supply.
My major gripe has been that for no reason the battery power drops out and the unit restsets to 0000 & Monday.

Weirdly, after a heal it sets the correct time from Vera and works well until the next power off event.
I’ve tried to set up a PLEG to poll it, but the unit has a mind of it’s own and isn’t listening…

Nuf’s enough, I just hope I haven’t thrown good money after bad.

Never had that issue. You controlling a furnace or something else?

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Just Gas Ducted Heating.

Just to update this thread, I finally had had enough with the ZTS100 and contacted Support @ Remotec.

Without any prompting they offered to replace the unit with a current ZTS110, apparently there where bugs in the ZTS100 that caused numerous problems.

If anyone has a ZTS100 and are happy with it, the advanced parameters can be found in the ZTS110 manual (download from the Remotec site), in the mean time while I wait for the replacement, I’ve set it out of EASY Mode and controlling it perfectly from VERA and PLEG.

I too was able to get a replacement from them. I have been using it for a few weeks now without even a 1% drop in battery life. The other great part, is being able to actually see that the device has been gained to battery mode.

Absolutely an improvement to the 100.

Now that the weather is starting to get colder I decided to take another crack at resolving the battery issues I had been observing on the ZTS-110 and found that once I did a “factory reset” the battery issues seem to have disappeared. From the user manual:
“Press and hold “Fan” + “Mode” keys for 2 seconds to entry the reset mode.”

It has been a week and still showing 100% battery life.