Zones set to TriggerArmed status after sensor tripped

I have a vista 15P connected to a Vera3 via a AD2USB adapter. After creating a scene for a dimmer switch to be activate when zone 1 is tripped, i notice that zone 1 was showing up as tripped armed. I power cycle both vera and my vista15 but no luck. I tripped two other zones then all 3 were showing up as trippedarmed. i power cycle again and now zone one is cleared but the other two zones are showing as tripped armed.
any ideas.

try this, wait until the your alarm keypad is showing ready and no zones faulted then hit the reload button in the upper right corner of the UI, no need to power cycle.

You might check the TTL setting on the Alarm Panel settings, I changed mine to 15 secs. I think the default is 10-15 minutes.

That was the problem. Thx a lot.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m hoping someone may have the answer, as I have been searching.

I am having the same issue with the sensor showing as tripped and not updating. The difference is I am using UI7 on a Vera edge. I changed the TTL to 15 seconds but it didn’t help. Anyone have the fix for UI7? I remember going thru this in UI5 and the TTL was the fix.