Zhouse Electric Widgets v1.2

We added new widgets 1x1 size to the Electric pack. Also removed some bugs. How do You like glass design?

Design is awesome, these widgets look great, and work reaonably well. Only had an issue once that required reboot to re-link the widgets so far.

Need to add Scene widgets, this would be much more useful for people with larger systems.

The Zhouse widget is good idea, i tested yesterday! Very cool with etc. “live-wallpaper” in background. 8)
But, my configuration is:
4 dimmable lights
6 switch plugin moduls
6 “Virtual Switchs”
4 Thermostats
32 scenes
And the widget is preferred only dimmable light and switch. This is a 20 % in my system :frowning:
In the future is maybe widget scene, widget THERMOSTAT and widget “VirtualSwitch” ?
And the widget is too light (only with dark background useable)

Good job!
Too brightness widget (neon green) if the background is light :frowning:
The percent (100%) is out of line/border :frowning:

with dark background is good… :slight_smile:
with light background is too brightness :o

Great work!
I like it!
Here is my own desktop on tablet, my own titles
(Great work, that the 2x2 widgets is resizeable) Thanks
See the future widgets

What the difference for Zhouse app I have bought from play store between the zhouse electric widgets.

my app do not have the same look of the pictures in this post.

thanks !!!

On the desktop add new widget - Zhouse widget - select the modul what you want

I bought the widget and have installed it. but it do not shows on my zhouse app and anywhere on my tablet.

what can be happen ?

please try to add widget to main screen

I have uninstalled and installed again but do not creates any shortcut to app and in applications installed do not have open button like in zhouse control app. The widget app do not have like run. And no option to create shortcut to app. Thanks for help. I buy samsung galaxybtab to use with this app.

Hi Piwtorak,

Hopefully you have installed both the main zhouse and zhouse widget apps as you need both. On newer android versions you use the “widgets” tab located beside the “apps” tab when viewed from the apps home-screen. You should see a couple of zhouse widget shortcuts that you can select from.


Yes I have bought and installed the main and widget app.

I want use widget app because your design to operate my lights is better.

I will try locate again… and create a shortcut to widget app. this could be automatic, I do not understand because the android system do not create a shortcut for widget like made for the another app from zhouse.

thanks for help !

I find and create a page with some widgets…

now, one doubt…where I go to change colors …the standard color do not have contrast and is no good to see…

thanks !

Yes. I see. I will release new version soon

And…if you can…I have free space on screen but it says…no more space … more liberty to insert the controls will be welcome.

I have a problem using zhouse.
I turn on the lamp but it do not update your status and no more allow me turn off that lamp using zhouse.
Some tip about ?

Can we expect any updates soon? I still want to be able to run scenes from widgets…


Make the scene run from Tasker! Work great

See my automation tablet desktop (some widget is Zhouse, some is Tasker/Zoom widget)

I am unable to view my camera through this app. It is a Linksys WVC54GCA on an Galaxy-S4. Has anyone else had issues with viewing cameras? Is there any known issues fixes/workaround for this?
I click on the camera link, the blue circle shows for a second and then nothing, following this a big blue circle shows anywhere I touch the screen.