ZDM230 (Euro) - 2nd button and no polling?!


Today I got my Vera and I love it :-*
I don’t have to say, that it’s great! Nevertheless I’m struggling with some issues reagarding the ZDM230 (2 button switch)

  1. Vera cannot poll it’s state, if it’s on or off (it’s broter ZDM230 (2 button dimmer) has no problems being polled
  2. The 2nd button, which is intented to be configured seperatly, to switch some different Z-Wave device, can’t be configured anywhere. (Same at ZDM230)

Has someone of you a solution for this?

Thanks in advance,

Well, I figured out how to get the 2nd button to work :slight_smile:
Just had to assign the devices which I want to control to Group ID 2

…but still no polling of device state…