Hi All,

I’m thinking of resetting my whole Z-Wave network and starting all over again.
Over the past few months some of my devices just aren’t responding and rather trying to isolate where the problem is, I think just resetting everything would clean up my setup.

So my question is, how do i do that??

Do i have to exclude every device using Vera?

Thanks in advance

Short answer (in my experience), yes.

I’m not opposed to reseting a network, I’ve had to do it for varies reasons but I have learned that it’s best to figure out what the issue is. Sometimes Vera doesn’t respond as you’d expect, or want, but it could be behaving as it’s going to behave. In other words, don’t start excluding and re-including until you’ve done a few searches here, maybe your issues are known.

Good luck either way.

Might be worth powering down your whole house and if that doesn’t work then you may want to consider some other options first like a network heal. I’ve had some terrible latency problems and some other weird issues in the past where things didn’t respond at all and now have a network that has almost no latency again after doing the above.