Z-wave toggle light switch

Does anyone know if there is a standard toggle zwave switch non-dimmable? I have search and can not locate any.

Thank you

Never existed. There was a dimmable one for a while but it is no longer in production.

Thank you ASIHOME have they been out of production long?

It has been at least 8 months. There may be some stock floating around somewhere.

You might try Aeon Labs or WinTop, they both make a small module that sits behind your standard toggle switch in the wall/electrcial box. Basically it makes standard switches into Z-Wave, I’m not sure how it works for operation (probably like a set of 3-way light switches, up or down doesn’t correspond to on or off but flicking the switch probably activates the module doing the opposite of whatever state the light is currently in).



The part is HomeSettings HA20C 3-Way In-Wall Switch Dimmer: http://smarthome-products.com/p-460-intermatic-homesettings-ha20c-3-way-in-wall-switch-dimmer.aspx - they have been discontinued for more than a year - I have talked to different manufacturers and none of them were even considering a bringing out a toggle switch :frowning:

Very annoying as I put numerous HA20c switches in my house and now can’t buy them. The wife didn’t like the large toggle switches. Now I’m stuck.

I didn’t see this product at Aeon Labs. Wintop has the product, but it is not for sale. Wintop is a direct to China site. They only have one product for sale, a $23 appliance module.

The Modules from Aeon Labs will hopefully be out sometime April or early May - the devices were headed to UL for certification right after the show 8)

Hi, i’ve been talking to Wintop /switchDIY. They have a great range of zwave modules that work with existing switches. plus they are cheap! I’ve received a price list showing them to be $19 for a basic on/off which would fit your needs. They are also available in a European freq. version!!!

Also $22 for Double 2 way Switch, Socket and two pole switch, Shutter Switch, Dimmable Module.

Only problem is finding a stockist, my email communication with the company hasn’t been easy, weeks pass between replies, last email had the price list attached, so im sure they aren’t vapourware. I’m going to try to get a few and test them - planning to use them with forbes and lomax toggles and dolly switches. will report back, once done.

on a side note, in Europe, our choice of switches is severely limited - in fact I’d say there isn’t a single attractive on on the market, (matter of taste of course), so far I’ve built my own by hacking duwi inserts, soldering on a few wires that attach to with 2 way intermittent rockers. If anyone’s interested in how i did it, I can post pics.

markbawden would love to see how you did that for educational purposes
Thank you. Also could you share the price list and any other information when you get it I would be interested

Thank you