z-wave switch for a room with no existing switches

I have a room that currently does not have a light or light switches. We put three lamps in and I purchased 3 lamp dimmer modules that work fine with Vera. I would like to install a switch but I don’t know which one I need. I thought a minimote would do the job but a forum post said they don’t work very well with vera (vera recognizes them but they don’t control scenes as they should). Any suggestions?

The Linear Z-Wave Auxiliary Wall Switch and the identical Evolve LTM-5 Wall Mount Accessory Switch are Z-Wave scene controllers that you can associate your lamp modules to. These switches require 120volt AC power, but control the lamp modules wirelessly.

Is there a EURO equivalent?

I suspect that there are, but I cannot make a recommendation.

look into Fibaro ZWave mini switches. they may suit your requirements

I use a Cooper RF9500 battery powered wall switch where previously there was none. It looks like a normal switch and uses a standard wall plate. But it sticks on the wall (or screws in). Not sure what brand dimmers you have but make sure they can be associated with this switch.

If you follow the instructions on the forum for the minimotes, they work great!