Z-wave stability

Hi all,

Ok this is confusing me.
My simple setup of 2 appliance switches and 1 dimmer were almost working.
The dimmer hasn’t moved physically; and now after a ‘heal’ has a zero rating!!.
It was becoming temperamental hence the heal.
I don’t understand - nothing has changed and suddenly reliability has gone to 0 after 1 day!

The heal report says 0 out of 5 for the dimmer (though it’s physically nearer than an appliance plug. Though now an appliance plug whilst 5/6 has a crossed circle for configured (whilst it was fine before)!

If z-wave is this unreliable after 1 day with 3 simple appliances near to each other - what hope do I have!!?

Very frustrated!; so any advice welcome

Just done heal again; and the dimmer is 5/5 and configured and the appliance module is 4/5 unconfigured!!
Stability an issue then?; the distance between any unit is 7m max; line of sight no walls!!!

Ermmmmm, this makes it useless unless I am missing something!!!


Just run again no dimmable is 5/5 and unconfigured!!.

HELP! :cry:

Hmmm, in 'setting’s none of my nodes have neighbours!!! ??? ??? ???

Someone explain too me please!! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I do ‘heal’ I assume this will recreate the routing structure etc.

But no devices end up with any neighbours; why is that???

So I go into all 3 devices and do ‘update neighbor nodes’
They have neighbours!!!; this is good yes!!!?!!!

Do I have to do this manually for any nodes I add? ; why does heal remove neighbours??

I have no idea if this will improve the reliability of my arrangement!! - but hope it will.

Please guide me someone!! :wink:

Hi @pocster,

Do a search on the word “heal” and you will find heaps of information and get answers to all of the question you have asked.

Also don’t expect to have someone answer you right away. It is considered being rude to demand a response in less than 24 hour time period.

  • Garrett


I did try and read up on ‘heal’. But I still can’t find why it doesn’t add neighbours . I assumed part of the heal would be to rebuild the routing tables and hence neighbours.
But thanks anyway; I’ll do some more reading