Z-wave routing trouble shooting

Is there any way to trace the specific route to a node? Anyway to manually change the routing mesh/table? I have a feeling my Vera Plus is not doing a good job routing.


Z-Wave networks have mesh-network features that allow the controller automatically create an efficient route to trace every node in your house, however, it is necessary that the devices are located correctly in order to have a good and balanced network.

Only the z-wave devices that are connected to the main power can act as repeaters for the z-wave signal (because the battery-operated devices are not always on), that’s why we recommend having a repeater in a strategic location that could perform such a task and, improve the responsiveness of your Z-wave devices


Juan David.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

Thanks. I know that.However, despite a network of maybe 10 hardwired devices and 10-15 battery operated, certain (hardwired) devices lose connection and I beleive something is not right with the automatic route creation. I am looking for a way to torubleshoot the routing.


Customer support will contact you to get more details on the issue you reported. Please enable remote access on your controller and, allows us to make a further investigation.

Wow. Thank you. Done.