"Z-Wave Launches Next Gen Chipset, Apps"

Z-Wave Launches Next Gen Chipset, Apps” article in Electronic House.

In addition to the new chipset, the release includes a software suite and reference designs that will enable manufacturers to quickly and inexpensively bring smartphone and tablet control to their home automation ssystems.
The platform consists of:

Z-Ware: The middleware for home control that forms an intelligent Application Programming Interface (API) that provides capabilities such as Configuration, Scenes and Device Control, Schedules, and Statistics.
Apps: The fully customizable user interface reference designs that provide a consistent look and feel across multiple platforms. Miller estimates there are currently about two dozen Z-wave apps on the market.
Z/IP: The software engine that transforms IP protocol command to Z-Wave command and vice versa.
Gateway: A reference design for the production of a low-cost Z-Wave to Ethernet Bridge/Gateway.
Next Gen 500 Series chips and modules to support consumer hardware manufacturing with increased memory and better RF properties, allowing for more product features.