Z-wave IR control

who can introduce a Z-wave to IR control for my TV, home theater, etc? i am using VERA 3.

I use the harmony hub and it works great with the plugin.

While not strictly zwave to IR, I use an ipad app called Roomie Remote. You need to buy what is essentially a rebranded itach that comes with a 3 head IR blaster. Roomie Remote has Vera integration built in. It will auto discover your Vera and you can then easily add scenes or device control into a room or activity macro. For devices that are capable of being controlled over IP, which is nearly everything released in the last couple years, there is no need for the IR blaster at all. It has a built in library of IP commands

The thing I most like about Roomie Remote is the tight integration with 3rd party devices. Appletv, Roku, FireTV, even Directv or other local cable providers’ media/channel guides and the stuff you’ve dvr’d are all right in the app. There is no need to switch over to the iPad Apple TV remote app or even bring up your channel guide on screen. You can browse and select all your media from one screen.

Of course, this requires an iPad or iPhone, but that doesn’t seem to exclude very many people. The total price of the app, hardware and in app purchase (they have to license the sat/cable channel guides) is about half the Harmony option.

Same here. No IR blaster or anything (I mean, for the Vera). Works fantastically!!! ;D

I’m anxiously awaiting the Harmony Z-wave thing rumored, so I can fully integrate my Harmony with my z-wave stuff. As in shut off lights from the remote. I kinda have it work with my Hues, but it’s wonky.

does anyone know Remotec ZXT-310 Z-wave to IR?

Same here. No IR blaster or anything (I mean, for the Vera). Works fantastically!!! ;D

I’m anxiously awaiting the Harmony Z-wave thing rumored, so I can fully integrate my Harmony with my z-wave stuff. As in shut off lights from the remote. I kinda have it work with my Hues, but it’s wonky.[/quote]

I was thinking about doing just this; putting Hue in may home theater, controlled by my Harmony. In what way is this not perfect?
(Also I am hoping the z-wave extension will work great with Vera, but seeing is believing…)

Well you can’t integrate the Hue into a Harmony activity. Meaning, the Harmony can’t turn on the Hue’s when I turn on my theater.

Now I’ve worked around this by using the Harmony plugin and Hue plugin, and having a Vera scene turn on the Hue’s, then run the Harmony activity.

The Harmony Hue abilities give you a little toggle button in the lower left of the touch screen. So I pick up the remote and can toggle the Hues off. And back on.

It’s 99% there. I have one Hue bulb upstairs that is still controlled by the downstairs Harmony remote. I need to figure out a way to separate that from the other two. ;D

I see, well that sounds fairly ok to me. :slight_smile:

But, I read also on logitech forum that there are issues with dimming? I’d like to select one downlight dimmed quite much, above my seat e.g. when eating while watching a film. Is this working as bad as they say over there? Or is it not working at all, to do this?

Maybe I need to get a couple of hues and test myself…

Another option is Kira.


I use two of them and operate a lot of IR devices. I also use IR to control zwave devices using the Kira/Vera as a bridge.

I recently setup Roomie Remote and I have to say that it’s by far the greatest universal remote interface I have ever used. It does require iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad but it can control Vera devices, IR devices, ethernet connected devices like stereo receivers, modern tv’s, DVR’s, Sat and cable receivers etc along serial connected devices such as older plasma’s. Roomie has some add on ethernet or wifi devices called extenders that add support for things that can only be controlled by IR or RS232 but most modern receivers, TV displays, Set Top Boxes and bluray players can be controlled over ethernet as well as wifi.

I have my Roomie setup to control my entire home theater and never even needed to use an IR extender. My several year old Pioneer reciever was ethernet controllable out of the box. My Sony Bluray and DirecTV reciver were as well. My Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasma required an RS232 extender so that Roomie could control it but other than the TV, every component for my HT was plug and play with Roomie. I also have my bedroom setup in Roomie as a seperate room however up there, I needed an IR extender to control my older plasma display and my older Denon receiver. All said and done, I have one great remote application that can control all my home theater devices as well as all my Vera controlled devices including locks, lights, garage door opener and scenes. I can hit the DirecTV button and the TV turns on, receiver turns on, receiver switches input etc. Same goes for Bluray, Amazon Movies, Netflix etc. Just hit a button and everything turns on and switches to the correct input. Roomie even has TV Guide that displays in the app and switches the channel when you hit the application screen and does so without showing the guide on the TV itself.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you might want to consider Roomie instead of a Z-Wave IR device. At least if your goal is to control stereo, TV or other entertainment components. It’s worth the cost of the app and add ons and is far superior to any universal remote on the market and I have had a lot to compare too. Plus it gives you the added benifit of being able to control Vera devices as well.

This one?

In The Netherlands, they call it Ultimate Hub instead of Home Hub

So this works great with Vera Edge? Could you give some more information please?

I’ve been playing with the Siri/HomeKit/Vera Integration in one of the other threads.

Now, that I got that working, I’m interested in trying to add the ability to control my TV (First generation Pioneer Kuro), so I can eventually tell Siri-- turn on/off the TV from the Apple Watch.

I was researching IR blasters (leaning towards Roomie Blaster), when I came across this useful thread and found out that I can just add a $5 IP2SL (IP to Serial) converter to control my TV.

I see that one can control this the IP2SL connected Pioneer Kuro TV via the Roomie Remote App.

Is there a way (such as a plugin) to add the TV as a device on the Vera directly? I have the roomie remote app and that works well, but it doesn’t integrate with siri/homekit/vera, so have to figure out how to get it added to Vera.

[quote=“vincent cool, post:5, topic:186913”]does anyone know Remotec ZXT-310 Z-wave to IR?

Did you ever get this working? Looks like a very useful product!

I’ve been using iTach for a couple of years and really like it.