z-wave in switch box

Having trouble fitting z-wave switch into 2-gang box with a regular switch. there is lots of wire. The biggest box i could find was 34 cu inches and the old box was 32 cu inches. I’m concerned about too many wires being a fire hazard. anyone have any suggestions or solutions to problem?

A 34 cubic inch 2 gang box should easily manage 2 Z-Wave switches, let alone a single Z-Wave switch and a single standard switch.

A 34 cubic inch gang box will be ~3 5/8inches deep. This is the full depth of a typical interior stud wall. You’re unlikely to find a deeper gang box and if you did, it probably would not fit your wall.

If for some reason your installation really can’t accommodate the two switches in a 34 cubic inch 2 gang box, then you might consider installing a 3 gang box.

Look for ways to reduce the amount of wire in there. Perhaps there is extra. As the other poster indicated it should fit.

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