Z Wave Glass Breakage Sensor

Does anyone know of a product that is compatible with Vera?

I could use one of these as well. That or the old style wireless GE alarm system protocol. I likely could get power there, but no other wires…



that vera one is shock only. i returned 9 since they flooded my network on a heal

Please define glass breakage sensor then. There are a number of ways to detect glass breakage that I can think of.

Most glass sensors detect the pitch of broken glass. They work on audio and can cover a typical room or rooms.

This one will only detect the “shock” of a glass break (not the pitch)…and needs to be physically on the window to detect movement.

Seems like most of the pitch sensors are made to work with specific alarm systems (the wireless ones), but the wired ones could be adapted for z-wave use easily, if one wanted to.

I think that is today’s only option. Relay detection device (like a MimoLite or door/window sensors with an external relay option).

I am really looking for a simple z wave device which would detect the “glass breakage sound”, and report it back through Z Wave to my vera.

Sadly, you don’t have an option that I’m aware of.