Z Wave Garden Hose Valve

Ok so I am looking for something that would connect to my garden hose and use Z-wave. My house is too small to place a sprinkler system in it and it was really made as cheap housing so it would be pointless to spend $3000 on an underground system, however, my idea is to manually create an underground sprinkler system using the garden hose valve. I know how to do it, but I would need to automate the valve. It doesn’t need to be on a timer really just a simple on and off would be fine. I’ve found one such device for $40 at http://rollertrol.com/store/en/45-z-wave-irrigation but the problem is it doesn’t give much information on it and it seems noone else sells this item. Has anyone seen this or something like this that would be useful for my project? I’m looking to create the entire system with about 6 sprinkler heads(because my yard is fairly small) and with irrigation pipes from Home Depot. Probably in 2-3 zones. Any good/cheap ideas you’ve tried for your zwave without a professional in-ground system from your hose?

If that valve on the Rollertrol website is legit, that is a good deal if it has Z-Wave embedded (doubtful). Even a hose sprinkler timer from Home Depot is $30-40, I have one and it has a manual button I was going to have Vera trigger but have been looking for a better solution. You can always buy a 24VDC sprinkler transformer from Home Depot and then use standard sprinkler valve bodies with the associated solenoids. Then a standard Z-Wave appliance module will switch the 24VDC on/off and as a result open/close the valves. If you want zones then it will be a power supply and appliance module per zone, but again if that link you posted is a Z-Wave water valve that is the best deal.

From their website:

“Any home automation system that has dry contact output (ie relay capability) will work with our product. All it requires is switch closure for ON and OFF. This kit comes with a power supply and 12v valve for controlling a single zone.”

So it looks like you still need an appliance module such as a ZFM-80 or an LFM-20 to make it work. Looks like an interesting do-it-yourself project to me.