Z Wave Double Lock Deadbolt preferably with keypad

My kitchen door, like a few million other homes in the U.S., has a big pane of glass in it. If I install a lock which has a single cylinder lock, an intruder would only have to smash the glass and twist the knob and let themselves in. Additional, members of household are terrible at locking door at night so it would be great to have a lock which integrates with Vera Lite (Z-wave) to show status of lock and also lock door remotely if found unlocked. Yes there will also be a door sensor and an alarm and maybe the constabulary where you live has mastered teleportation or you would stake the life of your loved ones that the intruder will be scared by the threat that the police will eventually be there but I would rather not. Fire hazard, replace the door or move to a new house, great ideas but looking more for something like the subject line.

I agree that it would be good to have such a lock. I have been looking for one for a friend with the same type of glass door.

Have not been able to find even a non-zwave lock like that though.

Manufactures are unlikely create such a lock because of the fire hazard they would present on an exterior exit door. It makes it to too hard to get out to of the house in an emergency.

If a thief is willing to break the glass, and the lock proves too complicated to open, I suspect they would just clear out more of the glass and enter through the broken pain as long as they can do so quickly. Most of these are smash and grabs (in and out in under 10 minutes).

Personally I would rather lose some stuff then risk having a child or other family member trapped in the house due to a fire and struggling with the lock.

I know this is a pretty old thread, but I also have a rear french door. For low traffic doors (where entry from outside is not common), you’re better off getting a high security dead-bolt (Medico M3 Locks are the best money can buy … same locks used in the Pentagon). What I’ve done:

I have a glass break sensor (so alarm triggers as soon as glass panel is broken)
I had security film installed on the glass (will take thief 2-5 min to break through the film to try to unlock the deadbolt… all while the alarm is going off)
Even after getting through the film and unlocking the dead-bolt, I have a security bolt attached to the top and bottom of the inside of door, so the door cannot be opened even w/ the dead-bolt unlocked (this also helps reinforce the door in the event of a kick-in) and would be difficult for a thief to find/unlatch from outside

I should also mention that I have external motion sensors that trip my Sonos system to play a dog barking track on my patio speakers + trigger Insteon lights to come on in my bedroom, hallway and patio … so very unlikely that anyone would even stay long enough to get to the door. Hope this helps.

Thank you martinf79, I have the same problem. French door with double lock dead bolt. I’m wondering if the film on your glass would prevent the glass break detector from sensing the breaking glass. My glass is marked “tempered”. Will that make any difference? I’m sure this is a common problem. I started a new thread of my own for the same topic until I discovered this thread. Regards, Jim