Z-wave dongle - upgrading dongle firmware to 3.2

I have a Vera 3 which according the command cat /etc/cmh/zwave_locale is a US version. I use an AU Z-wave dongle with it. In the Z-wave settings I see this:

Version 2.78 L:1
House/Node House: xyz…abc Node 1 Suc 1
Last update 1-JAN-1970 11:00
Last Z-Wave network backup 20-NOV-2012 13:55

However the check box for “Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78” was checked. On reading this http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/MigrateTo452 it appears that if the check box is checked, then the Version should be indicated as 3.2 not 2.78. I messed around with the check box but nothing changed. I was also surprised it gave no warnings that the I was attempting to update the firmware. Note also the date listed above 1-JAN-1970 11:00.

It looks like that the Vera software will not reprogram the dongle?? - if so are there more recent dongles that have newer firmware internally? Likewise is the z-wave chip in the Vera Box updateable eg is it located on a daughter board that would allow its replacement with an AU chip and where would you get one?

On a side note, the wiki page linked to above titled “Migrate To Z-wave version 452” never mentions “452” thereafter. After a bit of research this appears to be referring to the Zensys firmware version 4.52 I have not idea why Vera refers to version numbers 3.2 and 2.78, neither of which are Zensys version numbers. Also if the dongle can’t be updated, it seems the associated check boxes should all be grayed out.

In summary how do I transition to firmware version 3.2 when using an AU z-wave dongle?

I don’t believe that you can, with the USB Z-Wave stick. If you had a Vera with an internal Z-Wave chip (say, because you bought locally and paid the Australia Tax) then the 2.78/3.20 option should have its expected meaning.

Edit: on Vera2, the Z-Wave daughterboard is definitely removable. Not sure about Vera3. Pretty sure it’s soldered on with the Lite.