Z-Wave Digital Logic Control

Does anyone know of battery operated Z-wave switch device that could be used to switch digital IO lines?

What do you mean “switch digital IO lines”? If you just want contact closure there are many options including:

Remotec ZFM-80 dry contact fixture module
Fibaro Relays
Custom built (standard)relays activated(powered) by standard Z-Wave switches and outlets
Global Cache…

I need a Z-wave switch, preferably battery operated that I can control a low current digital input line to some hardware. I need to toggle an IO line at certain times of the day. What would be neat is to have a Z-wave controller similar to an Arduino board with Digital outputs =)

All of the devices I previously mentioned will do what you want.

If you want an Arduino, then use one. You can trigger it from Vera using LUUP HTTP calls. Here is an Arduino relay thread that you would probably find very interesting.

Hello I’m just going to focus in on the battery powered part of this request – can you point me to a specific product? When researching the ZFM-80, etc it seems like they all require power. I would like a unit that does not require external power but use batteries to power the z-wave chip/operation, like a kwikset lock for example. That way you could control an existing switch, such as a switch to a tiny 5V LED light. Thanks much.