Z-Stick Lite Dongle setup Veralite


Have got brand new Veralite and came with z-stick lite dongle for international Australia frequency. Cant get dongle to talk to devices. Light also does not come on the dongle. Have updated firmware on both dongle and Veralite. Also have done factory reset and tried.
Im not sure if Veralite is reading and picking up the dongle or if any other settings are required for it to work.

Have changed port settings

Version 2.78 L:1
Locale us
HouseID/Node House: 1627904 Node 1 Suc 1
Last update 1-JAN-1970 13:00
Last Z-Wave network backup 20-JUN-2013 09:54
Port /dev/ttyUSB0

Help will be appreciated


That’s not right. It points to a hardware problem in either the dongle or the Vera USB port. Swap and change with other USB devices (say, a thumb drive with an activity LED) to narrow it down. Otherwise you may need to get it touch with your vendor.


Tried on USB port of computer. The computer picks up the dongle but LED light on dongle does not come on. Tech support cant seem to see any problem with Veralite.

Will get in touch with supplier to see what they say.