Yale Lock Battery Usage

I am having issues with battery life on the Yale ZWave locks. Would appreciate any pointers on how to address. Here is my setup:
One Vera3 1.5.622
Four Yale Locks with ZWave YRLD210ZWOBP
sixteen Energizer Max Batteries (brand new, expiration is 03-2023) all installed on 12/21/2014
First lock is US2.0 CP2-5-3; Vera version 3,3,34,33,32; no neighbors showing; battery level showing 100%
Second lock is US2.0 CP2-5-3; Vera version 3,3,34,33,32; 12 neighbors; battery level showing 98%
Third lock is US2.0 CP2-5-3; Vera version 3,3,34,33,32; 11 neighbors; battery level showing 85%
Fourth lock is US1.8 CP2-5-3; Vera version 3,3,34,25,24; 11 neighbors; battery level showing 70%

Also, when trying to configure to configure the fourth lock in Vera UI ", I get “Failed at Getting the version” or “Unable to get any information on node” after “Getting the name”. I have removed batteries and reinserted and have power cycled Vera3, too. This is a new problem, by the way - as I type this. Ugh.

I have quite a few other devices on the network (Insteon lights, motion sensors, door sensors, power switches, etc), many that support beaming. All the other devices seem to work OK.

Vera Z-Wave settings are:
By default Vera should automatically configure devices
Use Z-Wave 3.20 instead of 2.78
Use Vera routing instead of Z-Wave
Poll nodes
(Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery is unchecked)

Number of seconds to wait to start polling 10
Only poll a node if the Z-Wave network is idle at least 5 seconds
Unless specified otherwise, poll each node at most once every 60 seconds
Poll a node every 30 seconds

The problem with battery operated devices and frequent polling is that the polling will bring the battery down quickly. On my Schlage locks, it originally had the polling interval set to two minutes, which caused the lock battery to deplete in less than a month.

I turned off polling the lock, and the lock battery is now going on six months, and should last quite a few more months.

The Schlage lock is a “instant status” device, in that it notifies Vera when the lock locks or unlocks. I beleive the Yale lock does the same thing. So polling only helps if for some reason that notification message is lost. As I said, I reset mine, and have no issues with the lock or notifications. Others have set the polling interval to two or more hours, and seem to have satisfactory battery life with that.

On my two Yale locks I have “PollSettings” at 10800, so only polling every 3 hours. I figure I get 3-4 months off a set of batteries.

I had to use manual routes to get the z-wave to be reliable - in my case the manual route is set to “0” to force only direct communication with Vera. My locks are very close to Vera, of course, but Vera still wanted to use bizarre routes and often would get to all routes failed. In my case the manual route made these problems disappear completely, but obviously there would be some homes where distance would preclude a direct route to Vera…