Yale door lock: Lock button is pressed

I’ve had the yale door lock for a while and it seems to work fairly well for the most part, I wondered if any one has been able to use the “Lock button is pressed” trigger. I’d like to be able to use the trigger when someone locks the door but I’ve tried everything to get that trigger to fire without success.

Anyone have an idea how to get it working?

I’m using the trigger: “a door is opened or closed” / “device is closed.”
to do stuff when door is locked, and it works well. Never tried “lock button is pressed”.

hi - i have spent the last hour reviewing the forums and haven’t found any evidence that the ‘Lock Button is Pressed’ event actually works for a Yale lock. i’m a newbie but i have the lock installed and it is working great in all other aspects - eg, i have a scene setup to turn on lights when a pin is entered. now i’d like to turn off lights when locked from the outside only. has anyone managed to accomplish this?

many thanks!

Which model of Yale door lock is this?

Yale YRD220-ZW-605 Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt, Fully Motorized with Z-Wave Technology


I am experiencing the same thing. Any luck getting it to work? I am having some issues with my triggers in general so I haven’t had much time to test. I have turned on the notification for locked/unlocked and it seems to send slightly different messages when it is locked v. unlocked. The thing I’m not sure of is what it looks like when it is manually locked from the inside. I’m hoping to do some more testing tonight but I wanted to see if you found a way.

There are a lot of triggers not working on Yale. Open/closed and low battery do work, and they are to me the important. Funny when the lock starts telling my parents it needs a new battery when they stop by my house…