Yale deadbolt firmware problem?


I have a Yale lock which at first configured and was able to remotely lock and unlock it but now it’s stuck and doesn’t show status on the web page and I cannot control the lock. Also the web system shows that unit busy and setting special association and just hangs on that.

I have the firmware 1.5.408. I read that 1.5.420 would fix the problems on Yale locks.
How could get this fixed fast because I’m really in a hurry setting this up.

Already contacted support ticket no. #97695

things to try out:

  • update the firmware, .408 doesn’t play well with Yale locks.
  • sounds like Vera is trying to configure the lock (setting special association). Give it time, if it keeps failing, you may need to move the Vera closer to the lock, perform a configure now, and when done move the Vera back to its current location…
  • if all fails, try to exclude / include the lock again.
  • last resort: reset the lock back to factory settings


I’m waiting on the firmware update from the MCV support first.
If that doesn’t help then I’ll have to try those.

I have just one day window on getting it done because after tomorrow I’ll have
no one at the location to reboot or configure.

So I hope MCV support gives me the firmware link asap :slight_smile:

Any update on this?

I want to buy this lock but I’m a bit concerned

[quote=“fmzip, post:4, topic:173939”]Any update on this?

I want to buy this lock but I’m a bit concerned[/quote]

the lock works great (with the beta firmware) … I highly recommend it.