Y-AXis setting control

I have a Thermostat controller which I have am Logging the setpoint and temperature of - plus a few other temperature sensors around the house
The problem I have is the Setpoint gets a different Y-Axis than all the others which doesn’t work that well - I have tried setting the units and leaving them clear but that does not seem to help. All my plots are spline except the setpoint which is Line, but changing them all to spline did not help.

The Y-Axis of the temperature sensors is 8 to 18 (Celsius) and that of the Setpoint is 4 to 24
I have found one of the temperature sensors gets put onto the same axis as the setpoint UNLESS there are no other sensors present - then it gets put on a separate axis. This sensor is different than all the other sensors as it is inside a light switch.

So, due to that behavior, I’d say you have some logic guessing which Axis to place a plot on , which I’m trying to second guess. Is there any way to control this?

Yes, dataMine puts variables with the same data type on the same axis. I understand your problem (I have it here too!), but currently the only way to resolve this is to save the graph. When you save a graph, you can then select which variables go on which axis.