Y-Axis Labels

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently setup datamine and I’m logging all types of data but I’m trying to create more useful graphs and am having some trouble.

I am mainly reviewing temperatures and wattage. A good example of an issue I’m having is with a graph of a thermostats goal temperature and actual temperature. Since these #s are usually close to each other, I want them both to have the same Y-axis on the chart, but instead they each have their own at different scales. This makes it difficult to see when the temperature reaches the goal temp since they are far apart on the chart.

Any tips in controlling Y-Axis on charts? I tried changing the “Units” configuration item but didn’t see a change. If that is the key, is there any documentation around that? I tried numerous searches for both with no luck.


Hi Vaggeto

You can adjust which graphs appear on which axis once it is saved.

To do this, hit the “Save Graph” button on the Chart tab / Graph Channels panel. In the dialog box you can change the axis number that a chart is rendered to; make sure both of your charts have the same axis number.

To access the saved graph, click on the Saved Graphs panel and click on your saved graph - both charts should now share the same axis.