xiaomi mi door window sensor - Zigbee


I’m trying to add this nice and cheap door sensor,
Without any success.

For short time successfully added it as a generic zigbee device, but could not get reading.

Any help?

The generic option works with Z-Wave because of the underlying command class structure. ZigBee doesn’t have that and so it is rarely going to work when you add it as a generic device unless there is another version of the same device integrated into the platform.

If so,
Can you please integrate into the system the xiaomi mi range of Zigbee devices?


Is there an update on integrating basic xiaomi door window sensors? I bought 10 for under $4 each and didn?t realize ZigBee needs a driver. These sensors are so cheap! Please integrate :slight_smile:

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Hello I saw a lot of subjects around integration of xiaomi sensor but apparently there are no plan from Vera to have them in their list. Do you know why? Is it difficult?


Answering to myself: I saw that vera mother company is also producing the centralite sensors. This may explain why they did not want to work on xiaomi support

they work just require configuring