X10 Dim-able not dimming

I just purchased a Vera2 and I’m recycling all 8 of my X-10 dim-able lamp modules. I am able to easily to get them all to turn on and off but when I try to preset a dimmed setting they do not work at all.
I am using a 2413u PLM. It appears that it supersedes the 2412u PLM.
Am I wasting my time trying to get this to work? I’m going to replace the X-10 with Z-Wave over time but I was hoping for a band aid in the mean time.

Any suggestions?


The short answer is X-10 does not dim with Vera.

Atleast not with any accuracy. I have a few devices that dim down but not up…
Best thing to do is configure your devices as appliance modules with On / Off only and forget the dimming.


Newbie here and hate to open an old thread but if I can install an x10 dimming light module why didn’t the code get implemented to actually be able to do it?