Wunderground Weather Plugin Devices As Buttons


I wanted to create a section on my VeraMate home screen titled “weather” and under the section place the four virtual devices created by the Wunderground Weather Plugin “Current Temp”, “Humidity”, “High Temp” and “Low Temp” but the devices don’t show in the Add Button list where my other devices show. Are the plugin’s devices supposed to show in this list or is the Wunderground plugin not yet supported as buttons to be added like that yet? Thanks.

At the moment not all buttons can be displayed on the home screen. I’m looking into the best way to display these, keeping with the simple style of buttons, but also to be able to display information to make them useful. I don’t have an eta on this yet as it’s a bit tricky, but will be putting it in a future release.

Awesome. That’s what I figured but it’s no big deal – just think it would make for a convenient section using those buttons. I look forward to the possibility of having them available for a future update of VeraMate.