Working with graphics

I’m playing around with using clipart and photos for keys. In my home screen I get faint gray line separating each button area. It doesn’t seem to happen on the sides. Just wondering how I remove the line or turn it black to make it blend in.

Not possible in this version unfortunately. I’ll revisit the GUI stuff in an upcoming release, and this may be changed as part of that.

I for one kind of like the grey demarcation lines. Keeps things organized and seperated - I was actually going to request similar lines on the control screens to clear clutter. Please keep this as an option if you decide to change. Thx…

I was curious about the grey lines as well. For whatever reason, mine show up inconsistently. The upper left door icon has a black background in the image. The upper right combo lock icon is transparent with a black button background. The bottom left temperature icon has a black background in the image. The lower right light bulb icon has a black background in the image.


I like your icons, could i ask where you found them please ?

I used Google, and a link provided in this thread.

I just removed the black background on both left-side icons, so that the only one with a black background in the image is the light bulb, but it still appears as above. Strange.


Am new to homewave and like to know how you get your icons so large?

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[quote=“Rich1983, post:8, topic:177169”]Hi
Am new to homewave and like to know how you get your icons so large?[/quote]
It’s entirely dependent on the layout.

I have 2x2 on this screen. The icons take up the full area of each control.

On my wife’s iPhone, I’ve set up one important control to take up the full width of the screen. Again, it’s all about layout.

Hi thanks

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DeltaNu, would you care to share your Icons? I like the temperature Icon, but I cant find it anywhere.

I like the temperature and the security icon, if you can share them would be great

I think these are the two you were looking for.

Great, thanks !

DeltaNut, thanks.
Now I have to figure out how to turn the black background on the temperature Icon into transparent.

Here is the temperature Icon with Transparent background.

I’m having troubles with making my images to be transparent. I’ve tried the default icons that Homewave has and works fine.

I’ve tried using the above transparent image and with not much luck. Can someone pleasE let me know what I’m doing wrong?

I’m running the latest version on HomeWave (1.93) on iOS 7.


Anyone that can answer my above post please? ??? ???

It looks like the transparency setting is working; as you can see, the image in the control is a lot darker than the thumbnail in the properties screen due to transparency + a black screen background.

If you want thee white background in the image to be transparent, you will have to edit the image first using an image editor capable of changing the background to a transparent color, then save the image in a format that supports transparent pixels (gif, png).

intveltr, thanks for your reply. But the strange thing is I’m using the transparent image above, uploaded on post #15 by Trailblazer.

It states on his post that it’s a transparent image, unless it isn’t.