WORKAROUND - Triggers from scene removed but still present in VeraLite

Hello ,

I have created triggers for a Fibaro wall plug to get notifications “Wall Plug OFF” , “Wall plud ON” in my Veralite .
The I deleted them but :

  1. the triggers have been removed for the Dashbord/Triggers view = OK
  2. there are still in the system = NOK and displayed in Imperhome application as a consequence

Thank you for an advice/solution.

Have you restarted the system and checked they’ve really gone?

Or try it with an HTTP request as described here

Thanks a lot akbooer.

Yes I had restarted the system and the issue was still present.

Your suggestion to delete the scene using the Luup request has been successful , no now no extra scenario anymore

I Had to remove the Fibaro Wall plug from the ZWve network in order to make a new fresh test.

But I has to again delete manually 2 existing triggers in the VeraLite

Something should be wrong with the VeraLite when suppressing this module